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SFP TOWNPLANNING (Pty) Ltd (SFP) represents an independent Town planning consultancy. SFP also forms part of a multi-disciplinary consultancy comprising the integrally linked professional fields of town planning and community consultation and public participation. Clients can be offered a very broad spectrum of professional services, with the distinct advantages and convenience associated with a comprehensive, synergistic “one-stop” operation.

With the depth of collective expertise, skills and resources embodied in the consultancy, we have the capabilities to successfully undertake - from inception to final delivery - the architectural, town planning and project management aspects of any venture, from large sophisticated multi-disciplinary programmes to small community projects.

Capabilities, Skills and Resources

We believe in a holistic approach and the optimum and appropriate use of available resources, from sophisticated computer systems to labour-based techniques, combined as required to achieve the stipulated objectives of projects. A combination of technologies is therefore employed to meet the absolutes of every project and to ensure the successful implementation thereof, regardless of size or complexity, within the time limits and budgetary constraints imposed and to the required quality in terms of materials, labour and workmanship. All our operations are fully computerised and synergy is achieved by integration of the computer-based systems used by the administrative, technical and management staff.

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We were involved in a number of projects forming part of the Reconstruction and Development Programme and have also provided assistance to several organisations dedicated to the empowerment and transformation of previously marginalized communities and individuals. Staff members have spent a substantial proportion of their time and efforts on various activities and contributions in this regard. SFP currently has a BBBEE rating of 4.